Science of Getting Rich Group

“The Science of Getting Rich” written by Wallace D. Wattles

This program is based on the book ‘The science of getting rich’ and contains tools that might be the most important thing you’ll ever learn once applied.  The concepts basically involves that ” You become abundant by using your creative imagination to develop a plan to add great value to others. The more you help people get the things they want, the more wealth and abundance will flow to you”

 If you want to just read a solo study of the book, then that’s fine. But if you want to cut your learning curve and dramatically grow your results, then consider what would happen if you took it one step further. What if you could find a group of like-minded people, all studying this text and others like it, all helping each other learn and helping each other to rapidly improve their lives?

This is then the programme for you.

It  is a 18 week programme with the week 1 being a introduction to the programme and to each other as you all are beginning an exciting journey together. To gain the best out of this programme, you must be prepare to 

  • Committed to successfully completing the journey regardless of the detours which you might encounter en route
  • Make a commitment to yourself that you will follow every instruction necessary to alter your old conditioned
  • Rather than merely listening to the messages, questions and exercises, THINK. THINK DEEP, PENETRATING THOUGHTS. Ask yourself – what does this mean to me? How can I apply this idea in my life?

Chapter 1. The Right To Be Rich
Chapter 2. There is A Science of Getting Rich
Chapter 3. Is Opportunity Monopolized?
Chapter 4. The First Principle in The Science of Getting Rich
Chapter 5. Increasing Life
Chapter 6. How Riches Come to You
Chapter 7. Gratitude
Chapter 8. Thinking in the Certain Way
Chapter 9. How to Use the Will
Chapter 10. Further Use of the Will
Chapter 11. Acting in the Certain Way
Chapter 12. Efficient Action
Chapter 13. Getting into the Right Business
Chapter 14. The Impression of Increase
Chapter 15. The Advancing Man
Chapter 16. Some Cautions, and Concluding Observations
Chapter 17. Summary of the Science of Getting Rich

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